PLC , SCADA programming 

Swider Engineering programming PLC / SCADA / DCS  for the food and energy industry. Our design and programming
services include: PLC logic programming: Our dedicated engineering and programmer team records PLC programs using ladder logic, function block diagrams, structured text and Instruction letter and adopted IEC 61131 international standard for PLC programming. We have a wide field of experience with HMI SCADA based on WinCC InTouch Schneider Electric.

PLC program in PL7pro Schneider

SCADA system WinCC Siemens designed for Inter Europol

outsourcing maintenance

Our company is outsourcing the maintenance departments, helping companies optimize production processes, as well as analysis of the energy consumption of the line.

diagnosis of industrial networks Profibus / Profinet

We diagnose, service, audits PROFIBUS, PROFINET. Over 80% of failures in the system as well as the downtime is caused by the poor condition of the networks Industrial. We help locate and eliminate the cause of the failure.

optimization of production processes

Cost reduction, optimal resource utilization, improve throughput, productivity, shorter lead time, eliminating unnecessary power consumption.

backup software, machines, production processes

Backing up the PLC, HMI, we comments programs, and operating instructions.

mechanical engineering, modernization of machinery, machine design